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What if I’m in a waste collection service contract or agreement?

Service agreements, in most cases, are necessary to ensure capital investment is secured for your supplier, and unfortunately, agreements are heavily weighted against the client. We will advise on how service agreements can work better for you and to negotiate service and cost reduction options. RR Commercial Consultants has a 100% success rate in this area.

What if we have more than one waste collection supplier?

More than one service supplier in most cases works extremely well for some business as this may offer environmental and cost efficiencies. Managing invoices for services completed may, however, be time consuming and lead to potential payment errors. RR Commercial Consultants will consolidate your suppliers as well as ensure they are compatible with your business requirements.

What do you charge?

We are so confident of reducing your waste collection costs we only retain a percentage of the cost saving we achieve for you. If we are however unable to secure lower collections and service costs for your business our services will be provided free.

What can a consultant do that we can’t do in house?

RR Commercial Consultants possesses in depth, specialist experience and expertise of waste collection services. This is provided to our clients at no cost, which means that your valued employees can be utilised in other areas. It's worth noting that it may cost you over $100,000 annually to employ an in-house Resource Recovery Manager.

Will we see you only when we have an issue or the agreement ends?

All RR Commercial Consultants clients receive the same superior customer service. This is determined by your requirements and not our workload. We are available for your business at all times to ensure you receive the service you require, however we are mindful that sometimes less is more.

We are happy with our current supplier, so why do we need a consultant?

RR Commercial Consultants will always work closely with your current supplier in the first instance to address any issues you may have, as they may be in the best position to continue your collection services. If you are happy with your current supplier we will review your services and negotiate with them to see if any savings can be found or introduce services that may be of benefit to your business.

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